Why Should You Choose Advance Training?

1. Excellent Instructors

We have three types of instructors:

  • Foreigners who speak English as a native language
  • Iraqis who lived in English-speaking countries and speak English fluently
  • Iraqis with excellent English proficiency and teaching skills

The directors of Advance Training (who are native English speakers) have carefully selected effective instructors with superior English. Ongoing instructor training from foreign professionals ensures that instructors continue to grow in their skills and effectiveness.

Instructors together 2. Proven Curriculum

We use the Interchange Fifth Edition curriculum from Cambridge University Press. Every language learner receives a colorful Student Book and a Workbook. These are original, copyrighted publications printed in the UK.

3. Central Location and Excellent Training Rooms

Our training facility is centrally located in the heart of Basra City, on 14 July Street across from the Basra Touristic Hotel. It contains beautifully designed training rooms that can accommodate up to 20 trainees per room.

Photo of room, photo of curriculum

4. Different Options for Class Times

We offer classes at different times of the day (5pm and 7pm), to accommodate various company work schedules. We can also arrange morning courses if preferred.

5. Adaptable to Your Company’s Needs

We can adapt language training to fit your company’s needs. This may include:

  • Courses with a different schedule
  • Courses held at your facility
  • Courses at our facility for your employees only
  • Customized courses

6. Managers are Committed to Excellence

The owner-manager of Advance Training is a foreign native English speaker. He has high standards of excellence and integrity, based on years of management experience in the Middle East and the West.